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Who IS this girl?

2009 Think Pink Rocks

2010 Miami Fashion Week

2010 Miami Fashion Week

My name is Jenifer Herring. I have a Bachelor’s Degree from Palm Beach Atlantic University in print journalism  with a minor in television. I originally started this blog to promote events while interning at renowned PR company in Palm Beach, Florida.  I also love writing and this gives me an outlet to be creative. I believe being able to tell a story is a tremendous blessing. Words cause emotion and evoke change. The ability to create change is typically viewed/assumed by people in power (i.e. government), but the untold secret is journalists hold the key. As a journalist, you are to report the truth-a rare gem in today’s world. My promise to you is the truth. This blog is a way for you to get to know my personality. Some people find me to be entertaining and others….find my snarky sarcasm annoying. Either way, the end result is you know ME. Now that we’re somewhat acquainted, call me Jen. It’s nice to meet you. (:

I am currently a host for NBC6 Miami’s, “Inside Couture”:  –>Check out their website to see interviews!

"Inside Couture"/NBC6 Miami 2012

“Inside Couture”/NBC6 Miami 2012


“Inside Couture”/NBC6 Miami-2012/ Miami Fashion Week

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