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‘Imma do the talking because you do too much talking’

Yes. Those who know me well are aware I’m not afraid to state my opinion. Read my latest opinion article on bad reporters here.

Not sure what I’m referring to in my article? Check out these videos below (one from Mayweather vs Marquez fight & other about Kanye’s MTV incident):

My interview with actor Jeremy Piven

Down-to-earth actor Jeremy Piven gave several college students, such as myself, the opportunity to interview him on his new movie, “The Goods. Live Hard. Sell Hard.” Not only is he naturally funny, but he’s very easy-going. He is the type of guy you can sit down and talk with for hours (even about nothing) without having a dull moment. 


Due to the fact Paramount Pictures requested I write an article to be printed in Palm Beach Atlantic University’s newspaper, The Beacon, I won’t be able to include all the juicy details, but I will mention a quote from Jeremy : ) 

Jeremy was born in New York and began being involved with in acting at 8 years old. He has an amazing resume including films and shows such as: “Rugrats,” “Heat,” “Kiss the Girls,” “The Family Man,” “Rush Hour 2” (he played the gay guy in the suit shop), “Black Hawk Down,” “Old School,” “Scary Movie 3,” “Chasing Liberty,” “Entourage,” “Cars” (voice of ‘Harv’), “Smokin’ Aces,” “The Kingdom” and many more. 

At one point he was speaking about his love for acting and how he became interested in the arts. His parents, Joyce and Byrne Piven, founded the Piven Theater Workshop. 

“If it wasn’t for the Piven Theatre, I would be selling curly fries somewhere.”-Jeremy Piven

Thank you Jeremy, for reminding us where the rest of us stand during this economy, but without a doubt, his quick wit and genuine personality make him the successful person he has become.

Look out for my article in the Fall in The Beacon campus newspaper. 🙂